IDOL Cheer is a cheerleading company founded upon principles and dreams. It was built on a philosophy of inspiring strong individuals through physical training. We make every effort to ensure safety while instructing these young athletes to become leaders amongst their peers.

Jose Rodriguez and Samantha Nuche founded this company in 2011 as a means of bridging the cheerleading and dance world with the professional. This company was created with the idea that athleticism and character go hand in hand. IDOL is the fastest growing program in South Florida. Although we strive to create well trained athletes, we ensure that every athlete has taken something from our program to help them succeed in today’s society. Through competitions, performances and practices our staff works to develop the whole athlete-physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The most direct way we help the youth in our program is by bettering their skills and helping them reach their athletic potential. However, we believe our program serves a higher purpose. We teach these athletes to put what they learn with us into their every day situations in order to endure that they strive for the best. No cheerleader is too young to advance in all aspects of cheerleading so we place an emphasis on our beginner athletes to make sure they build a strong core within our program.

Thank you for your interest in IDOL Cheer!