IDOL Cheer Programs

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Our team program consist of year round competitive teams known as All-Star Cheerleading and three to six months teams known as IDOL All Star Performance Team. Both programs are for ages 3-18 year old children and for all levels.

All-Star Cheerleading Teams

Our All-Star Cheerleading team program runs year round with registration beginning in April and running through the beginning of June of every year. It is very important that athlete’s considering this program register within the mentioned time window.

Our All-Star program is a nationally ranked program with an unparalleled staff to guide them. These teams are chosen in a try-out and evaluation where instructors look at age, ability, and prior experience. Every child is placed on a team according to their skill level. We have teams from the most beginner of athlete (no experience) to the most advanced cheer athlete.

All Star Cheerleading is at the peak of all cheerleading; it is where a child gets to take advantage of everything cheerleading has to offer by being a part of a full-on competition team! This program is jam-packed with non-stop action, cheering,  tumbling, and stunting. This program will include a skill-building segment followed by choreography and ending with the competition phase.

Registration Period

  •  April – Beginning of June
  • Exceptions will be made after the registration period for New Experienced Athletes if spots are available.


  •  Ages 3-5yrs- 2 days a week for 1 hour a day
  • Ages 5-18yrs- 2-3 days a week for 1.5 to 2 hours a day

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If you are not ready to make the full year commitment of the All-Star program but still want your child to experience all the excitement and benefit of cheerleading, then do not worry because we have a program for you known as All-Star Performance!


All-Star Performance Team


The IDOL All-Star Performance teams are developed for those families who are not looking for a full year commitment of the All-Star Program, but still want to benefit from the excitement of being a competitive IDOL Cheerleader! Our All-Star Performance program is just as much fun as our All-Star program but with less commitment and a lower cost. Registration for this program starts in May to the end of June.


Registration Period

  •  May – end of June

Practice Schedule

  • Ages 5-18yrs – 1 day a week for 1.5 hour a day

*Teams are divided by ages*

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